conformalizer is an audio post production tool which allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance Pro Tools sessions, FX lists and ADR databases to match a changed picture cut.

it works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change notes and creating a new "change EDL" which reflects the difference between two versions of the picture.

conformalizer can then automatically conform your Pro Tools session or database file to match the new version of the cut.

it also has the ability to play two versions of a cut together in order to visually compare shots or sequences.

conformalizer supports CMX3600 EDLs, film cutlists, FCP XML interchange format and AVID change notes and has the ability to import quicktime movies to use as a reference.

the workflow is simple:
1. import the old list
2. import the new list
3. click the compare button
4. click the conform button

the program will conform a running Pro Tools session or any tab-separated or comma-separated file containing timecodes or feet+frames values.

alternatively, you can import an AVID change note directly into the 'change' panel and use the conformalizer to conform a session or file.

the new 'block view' panel gives an easy to read overview of the difference between the two versions.

key features:
can use EDLs, cutlists and FCP XML to generate the conform
avoids changenote shortcomings with swapped/moved shots
gives you the ability to compare any version to any other.
rebalancing is a piece of cake. even ADR and FX databases can be rebalanced
exports changenotes in timecode or Feet+frames
compares two movies against each other and locates both movies as you check your conform
allows editing, creation and deletion of events
tracks VFX updates across versions
shows visually the exact difference between two frames of picture
graphical representation of the old and new cuts
ability to search for particular shots in a list of old cuts

>> letter to the editor - a note to your picture dept.

>> demo movie - basic list comparison
>> demo movie - tracking VFX shots
>> demo movie - conforming sessions
>> demo movie - rebalancing sessions
>> demo movie - conforming databases
>> demo movie - conforming other lists
>> demo movie - manually creating change EDLs

>> demo movie - changes and features new to version 3

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